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Star crazymusicchat
chat bwt ur fav bands,songs,singer or woteva u feel lyk chatin bwt so enjoy!

Group Founder: midnitex
Description: hey ther crazy wappaz im new t diz bt ave many mates in o2 chat,im midnitex da crazy wappa so be nice t me lol come in n discuss music ne time u feel lyk xMWAHZIESx
Group Type: Public join
Members: 5
Category: Music > General

Topics (2)

go do u luv my chem? (1) miri_rox
does any1 like my chemical romance? i personly think theyre 'mazin! lol. tell me yr thoughts tho xx

go avenged sevenfold (2) midnitex
wot a band,dnt care wot ppl fink of them bt i lyk them.3 wkd albums,a dude dat sings n screams n 1 hot,amazin guitarist aka synyster gates,crnt wait 4 a7x 2 release a new alb*m x